Newsletters Settings

Here's where you can change pretty much everything related to newsletters and emails. There are four sub-section, which are explained below.


The General section is where you change how your fans (un)subscribe, and can change the default success message.

Admin Notifications#

By enabling Admin Notifications, you'll receive an email every time someone subscribes.

Double Opt-In#

Enabling Double Opt-In prevents spammers to add their email address to your subscribers list. If you notice an absurd amount of emails being added, or addresses with weird names and numbers, we advice using this option. Since every plan has a quota of how many emails you can send, you don't want to send emails to blanks.

Delete on Unsubscribe#

Rather than marking a subscriber as inactive when they choose to unsubscribe, you can delete them from your subscribers list with this option. This does mean your re-subscribe message will no longer be effective.

Show Campaign Stats#

Enabled by default, this setting shows how many times emails have been opened and links have been clicked on. Interesting stuff, we'd say.


Email Settings#

Notification Recipient(s)#

You can add email addresses here to be notified when someone subscribes. It will automatically contain the email address you signed up with. Changing the email address here does not affect your Account Information.

"Reply-to" Email#

The email address entered here must be an existing one if you want to subscribers to be able to reply to emails. But, you may as well choose to enter a non-existing mail address, such as a noreply@yourdomaincom.

"From'' Email#

This is the field to enter a name that will be shown as the name of the sender of an email. It can be your own name, artist or band name or a business name.

Delete Campaigns#

If you are adding and sending a lot of mails, you may want to choose to delete campaigns automatically. This way, you'll keep your overview neatly ordered.

Email Template#

You can select a default email template here. It's always possible to choose a different template for each campaign.

Permission Reminder#

Located at the bottom (above the footer) of each email is a short little bit of text to remind the subscriber why they are receiving an email. You can edit that part here.

At the end of each email is a footer text, which must include an unsubscribe option. You can simple add the shortcode [[unsubscribe]], or add some extra information.
Note: To comply with the GDPR and Californian law, you must include an unsubscribe link in every mail you send.

Double Opt-In Email#

When enabling Double Opt-In, you can change the emails that are sent after someone subscribes here.

Email Subject#

This will be shown in the subject field of the email.

Email Title#

This will be shown at the top of the email.

Email Body#

This is the text of the email. To avoid confusion, we advise to inform new subscribers about why they are receiving the double opt-in mail. It's also important to tell them that their subscription is not completed until confirmation.

Call to Action#

A link that confirms their subscription.
Note: This link may not work for everyone due to it being blocked by ad-blockers, pop-up blockers or anti-virus software. We have made it as simple as possible, without any tracking code. But some software simply block the combination of the words: email, subscription and confirmation.

Extra Text#

Anything else you want to add. This is a good place to use the [[confirmation_link]] shortcode, so new subscribers can copy and paste when the Call to Action link doesn't work.

Permission Text#

Located at the bottom of the email is an option to inform why a new subscribers is receiving the double opt-in email. This is to avoid confusion.

Custom Fields#

You can add custom fields to subscriber's details. When you add a subscription form, you can choose whether you want these fields to be mandatory or not. Custom fields can give you extra insights and work great in combination with automated emails. For instance, you can automatically send an email on someone's birthday.

When you add a custom field, there are a few options:

Field Type#

  • Text input: A field for a single line of text.
  • Text area: A field for several lines of text.
  • Number input: A field that can only contain a number.
  • Radio buttons: A list of option where only one can be selected.
  • Dropdown: A menu of options where only one can be selected.
  • Date: A date selector.
  • Checkbox: A list options where multiple can be selected.

Shop equivalent#

You can link a field to the billing info of a customer.


Choose whether the subscriber can view and edit this field.

Subscribers table#

Choose whether this field will be displayed on the subscribers list.


The messages listed in the Newsletter Settings will be mailed to confirm the choice of your visitors. All messages are set up by default but you are free to change these. They support HTML. If you don't know HTML, no worries. Just type between the default brackets.

It's possible to, instead of emailing the messages, to redirect someone to a page. To enable the redirection to the appropriate pages, the pages have to be added. These pages can be designed with Tail Builder, allowing for much more customization. To find out more about how to add pages see:

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