Managing Comments

It's possible for your fans to comments on your content. For all of your content, you can choose whether you'll allow comments or not. For instance, at the bottom of your event's page you would simple select the box to enable or disable comments.

To enable or disable comments site-wide, you can go to Settings > Discussion. The option 'Allow people to submit comments on new posts' will affect your entire site. For more information about the Discussion settings, visit:

Comments are a great way to have your fans engage with your site. But, they also require to be managed.

Managing Comments#

The comment section on your dashboard shows all the comments, where they appear and when the comment was submitted.

A few filters help you to select comments by status, to see what needs to be done. Here's what the filters can do.


Shows all comments, regardless of status.


Only show your own comments.


Comments awaiting approval. You can set up for comments to only be placed after approval in the Discussion settings.


All approved comments.


Comments marked as spam. You can mark comments as spam yourself. Some comments will be automatically marked as spam, when they, for instance, contain a link or when the context of the comment isn't related to the content. For instance, a comment containing promotional information related to a completely different industry will likely be marked as spam.


Before permanent deletion, comments will be placed in the trash. When you are sure you want to delete a comment you can choose to do so here.

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