What are Newsletters?

Tunetail Newsletters is more than just an email service to mail your fans about news, updates or whatever you want. But simply put, that is its main purpose: To inform your fans about what's going on, per mail.

Newsletters is more than that though. You can set up automated emails to welcome new subscribers, whenever someone buys any or a certain product, whenever someone reached a certain amount spent in your shop or you just want to send them a weekly overview of your posts.

You can add and track campaigns to get insights how many people view your mails, or if they choose to unsubscribe after receiving a mail.

Tunetail Newsletters allows you to connect to your fans outside of your website, so they will engage more with you and your site. It personalizes their experience.

Here's what you'll find in the Newsletters section:

Email Campaigns#

An overview of your email campaigns. You can add and send newsletters from here or set up automated mails.

Email Subscribers#

A list of your current subscribers. Here you can also import subscribers from other email services. Or export your subscribers to another service.

Custom fields allow you to ask for more information when someone chooses to subscribe. Maybe you want to know their occupation or what is of interest to them. Custom fields work together greatly with automated mails. You could, for instance, wish your subscribers a happy birthday by mail.

Subscription Forms#

To collect email addresses you need a subscription form. A text input field where your fans can fill in their email address. Add them here. You can add as many subscription forms as you want.

Automation Rules#

No need to check and send personalized emails. Automation rules constantly run in the background, so whenever a rule is triggered, your subscribers or customers will automatically be mailed.


Newsletters has its own settings. You can set up different email addresses purely for visual purposes. Sometimes you don't want people to be able to reply to a mail, so just add a as the sender and/or reply to address.

Here's where you'll also set up the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your mails. This is already done for you but you can always customize the text.

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