Managing venues

To manage event venues, go to your Dashboard, select the Events tab and click on Venues. You'll be taken to a list of venues you have added. To add a new venues just click on Add New on the right top button on your screen.

Add Title#

Here you can fill in the name of the venue.


The big white box is where you write about the venue. Is there anything your fans need to know? Does the venue have any features they are known for? You can write about them here.

Venue Information#

You can fill in the venue's details here. If you enter the correct address details and tag Show Map and/or Show Map Link, a map will be added to your events, so your fans will know where to find the venue.


The Publish box on the right side allows you to publish the venue immediately or later, save it as a draft and change its visibility. When you change its visibility to private that means only you can see it. If you set a password to the venue then anyone with the password can view the venue. This only affects viewing the venue's page directly. The information will still be shown on other pages.

The Featured Image is an image attached to the venue page which will be seen on top of every venue's page, and on every list of venues (unless disabled). You could use the featured image option to display their logo, a poster or flyer, or anything else related to them.

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