Managing Subscribers

The Email Subscribers section allows you to manage your subscribers. Subscribers are those who signed up by a subscription form, or by buying a product and selecting the box to be subscribed.

There are four sub-sections:


Here you can see a list of all your subscribers and how they have become subscribed (source). You can edit subscribers and (de-)activate them to include them in mailings.

Custom Fields#

You can add custom fields to subscriber's details. You can choose whether you want these fields to be mandatory or not. Custom fields can give you extra insights and work great in combination with automated emails. For instance, you can automatically send an email on someone's birthday.


If you've been using a different mailing service that allows the subscribers list to be exported a .csv file, you can import it here. There's an option to overwrite email addresses that already exist.


If you're using a different mailing service, you can export your subscribers to a .csv file here and import it elsewhere.

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