Starting a New Newsletter Campaign

On the Email Campaigns section you can start a new campaign by clicking on 'New Campaign'. You''ll be taken to a new pages where you can choose to mail your subscribers, customers or users. Subscribers are only those who have chosen to subscribe to your mailing list, or the ones you have added manually. You can see your subscribers in the Email Subscribers section. Customers are those who have bought at least one thing. You can see your customers under the Shop > Customers section. Tunetail users are anyone else registered. These can be members of your band or any staff you have. You can see a list of Tunetail users in the Users section.

After you have decided who to mail, a new page will open where you can write your email. Here's how it works:

Email Subject#

Every email needs a subject. This can be the title of your email or you can put some important information here. About an upcoming event or when you're having sale.

Email Content#

Email Type#

You can choose the format of the email here. Standard is recommended, as it's compatible with every mail client. Raw text supports text only. Raw HTML can be used in combination with email designers, such as The HTML script can be copied and pasted.

Email Content#

This is the main part of the email. Here, you can add text and images. The toolbar lets you mark up text.


You can override the default template (chosen in Settings), if you want a different look for your email.


A title can be shown in the top section of an email template. It's not necessary but it looks nice.

Preview text#

Some email clients support preview text. This is mostly used for notifications. If no preview text is filled in, the first few lines of the email content will be shown in a notification instead.

It's possible to override the default footer text (set up in Settings). To comply with GDPR and Californian law, an unsubscribe link must always be included. A default link is already set up, just make sure it's always there.


You can choose who to send the email to here and select the source of the subscriber. For instance, choose Shop, to send a mail only to those who've used the subscribe option when they bought a product. This is different than mailing your customers. Customers aren't always subscribed. This way, you could promote subscribing by giving discounts to customers who have subscribed.


Besides sending the mail immediately, you can save it as a draft if you want to edit it later or send a test mail to any email address to preview the mail. You can schedule the mail to be send at a later time and date too.

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