Building your site

Tunetail offers a wide range of templates to start building a website. By uploading custom content it's possible to match your brand, style and music. Virtually anything can be made with Tail Builder and our custom design tools. You can add many types of media, music, photos and video. There is a photo editor built in your dashboard to change the brightness, contrast, saturation and add filters, text and stickers.

To strengthen your brand presence, we allow every aspect of your site to be customized. That includes dynamic pages, such as your shop page, events page, checkout page, cart page and blog page. The layouts, information displayed, colours and content are fully adjustable.
Your outgoing emails, newsletters and tickets are also fully customizable. When you are subscribed to the Starter or Pro plan nothing will be branded with Tunetail.

Tail Builder enables full page and layout editing. There are plenty of modules to make any kind of website. From single landing pages to full-fledged interactive websites. We provide active support on all modules. That means, if you ever have a problem or can't work out a design or feature, we will design or build it for you. We would like to encourage to try it yourself first though. Designing sites with Tail Builder is easy, fast and fun.

When it comes to content, you can show off your music in our elegant looking music player, have visitors enjoy videos and photo galleries. You can easily post news and updates with the blog feature. Ecommerce is integrated throughout your entire site. That means you can sell virtually anything, including but not limited to: music, videos, merchandise, tickets, sheet music, music lessons. And everything can be combined too.

Here you can learn more about the available content features and how to design them.

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