What are Pages

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Pages are the webpages your visitors will see. Every website has pages. Such as a homepage, a contact page, and an about page. You can whatever page you'd like and they can contain any kind of content.

Pages hold static content. That means, the content on a page does not change. Your homepage will always look the same, have the same text, images and other types of media.

We advise to add pages to menus so your visitors can easily browse your site.

Here's what you can do in the Pages section:

All Pages#

Here you'll find all your pages listed. You can manage multiple pages by editing them in bulk. Throw them in the trash when you don't like them. You can also sort pages and see which have been edited with Tail Builder.

By clicking on a single page you'll be taken to the Tail Builder editor, where you can design the page.

Add New#

To add a new page just click here and you'll be taken to a new page. Before you can design a page in Tail Builder you must fill in its title and publish it. Afterwards, you can freely design the page.

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