Managing Orders

Orders are automatically created whenever someone buys any of your products. Orders can also be manually added. And, if needed, orders can be edited. Each order has an unique ID. Only Administrators and Shop Managers can view, add and edit orders.

Order Statuses#

All orders have a status. The first status is Pending Payment and the last one is Completed. We'll go over all statuses below.

  • Pending Payment:#

    Awaiting payment. The order has not been paid yet.

  • Failed:#

    The order has not been paid for or requires authentication. This status can be shown instead of Pending Payment when using PayPal.

  • Processing:#

    Payment has been received, stock has been adjusted. Order is awaiting fulfilment. All orders, except Virtual and Downloadable, require processing.

  • On Hold:#

    Awaiting payment. Stock is reduced but still needs to be paid.

  • Cancelled:#

    Order has been cancelled by the customer or Administrator, or Shop Manager. Stock has been increased. No further action required.

  • Refunded:#

    Customer has been refunded by Administrator or Shop Manager. No further action required.

  • Authentication Required:#

    Awaiting transaction authentication from customer to complete payment.

  • Completed:#

    Order fulfilled and completed. No further action required.

Manually Adding An Order#

On the order overview you can manually add an order by clicking on the 'Add Order' button. You may want to manually add orders after you have sold a product physically, to keep your administration all in one place and up to date.

A few details can be filled in when adding an order.


  • Date created: You can enter the exact time when you sold the product here.
  • Status: Choose the status of the order. Completed is automatically chosen but any other status can be applied.
  • Customer: An order can be assigned to a registered customer or to a guest. The billing and shipping details will be automatically filled in after assigning an order to a customer.


The billing details of the customer can be entered here. It's not required for the order to be set to completed.


The shipping details of the customer can be entered here. It's not required for the order to be set to completed.

Downloadable Product Permissions#

To allow a customer to download a file, search for that file here and grand access.

Order Actions#

Before finalizing the order you can choose to email an invoice, send an order notification (by mail) and regenerate download permissions. Regenerating download permissions might sometimes be required when a download link has expired, or if a file could only be downloaded once.

Order Notes#

The latest order status change is displayed here. You can also add some extra notes here and choose to keep them private or allow the customer to see the notes too.

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