What are events

Events are dates when you are performing somewhere. Say you have a gig, a booking, you can add this to your calendar by adding an event. Whether the event is at a location or online is all up to you. You can set the event up the way you want to.

Accompanied by events are some additional features. You can add venues, organisers and sell tickets.

The Events tab has the following sections:

All Events#

Here you can manage all your events.

Add New#

To add a new event just click here.

Event Categories#

You can categorise events by adding categories here. For example, you're going on a tour. Just add a category named Tour. If you're performing at a festival, just add a category named Festival. This way your fans can select and see when you're doing what.


Locations where events take place.


You can add organizer information with optional contact information.

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